Elyse Dickerson of Eosera, Inc is a Fort Worth Entrepreneur

We recently interviewed Elyse for an episode of Fort Worth Entrepreneur. Details on how to listen to the interview are below.

You can listen and subscribe to the audio podcast on iTunes and Stitcher or on the web at togo.fm.

About Elyse Dickerson

She has been a leader in the pharmaceutical industry for over 14 years, driving product innovation and commercialization of ophthalmic technologies around the world.

Elyse managed a $1.7 billion portfolio and has extensive experience developing global strategic plans, positioning and launching products, and building marketing campaigns to drive growth.

Evaluating technologies and companies for acquisition is an integral part of her career.

Elyse Dickerson is a Fort Worth, TX Native

Elyse is an accomplished athlete, competing in many marathons, triathlons, and the Wisconsin Ironman Elyse earned a BA from the University of Notre Dame and a MBA from Southern Methodist University.

She currently resides in Fort Worth with her husband, C.D. Dickerson III, and 2 children, Simon and Amelia.

You can listen and subscribe to the audio podcast on iTunes and Stitcher or on the web at togo.fm.

Show Notes:

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Chris Handy

Chris is an acclaimed sales & marketing strategy consultant and keynote speaker whose podcast was named one of the Top Ten Podcasts Produced By Agencies in 2015. His company, Thinkhandy, is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hayden Blackburn

Hayden is responsible for developing and establishing IDEA Works FW, as well as overseeing the operations, delivery of services, and facility management. IDEA Works FW programs assist in entrepreneurial development, job creation and support innovation-driven operations in Fort Worth, TX.

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