Is this what the Fort Worth Facebook Data Center will look like?

In a recent post on Facebook, Zuckerberg shared pictures from inside the Luleå Data Center in Sweden.

It’s pretty cool looking. Literally, cool looking. It looks like my memories might need a jacket.

We might not realize that when you upload a photo or share something on Facebook, that file is actually stored on computers somewhere(s). The trick with Facebook is that they have it stored in many many locations at once, which creates redundancy. That’s a fancy for lots of duplicates and backups of the same stuff.

As you flip through the pics, you can see that they are protecting privacy by wiping, and then physically destroying outdated hard drives.

With the Fort Worth Data Center looking like it’ll be ready around the same time as George R.R. Martin’s next novel, The Winds of Winter; it appears our climate will be a bit milder in the next couple of years.

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Originally published at Chris Handy.

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